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Propper MOLLE Large Field Pack (Ruck) Set OCP Issue
Mfg: Propper
Mfg Part ID: F198186389

Our Price: $439.99
MSRP: $439.99

Status: Discontinued

Currently Unavailable


PLEASE NOTE: OCP Pattern Standard Issue Gear is only available for military/government purchase. A commercial license for this pattern is not currently available, so no individual sales can be supported. Government purchasing agents/supply please contact us for pricing.

This system is the current Field Pack Set issued to the US Army. This system consists of a single 3,840cu inch Main Rucksack that can be divided internally into two compartments to better organize the user's load, MOLLE Frame, Enhanced Shoulder Strap Assembly, Waist Belt and (2) 408cu inch Sustainment Pouches. Total cargo volume of this set is over 4,650cu inches.

The pack allows for access through the top and bottom of the main ruck, and has webbing across the front and sides for attachment of MOLLE compatible pockets. All hardware is color matched low-IRR ITW GhillieTex.

The Complete Pack System Includes:
(1) Large Ruck Field Pack Body - 28" H x 16" W x 10" D, 3,840 cu inches - OCP 8465-01-641-9857
(1) Pack Frame - OCP 8465-01-641-9953
(1) Enahanced Shoulder Assembly Harness - OCP 8465-01-641-9864
(2) Load Lifter Attachment Strap - OCP 8465-01-641-9867
(2) Buckle, Male, Shoulder Suspension - OCP 8465-01-641-9871
(1) Padded Waist Belt - OCP 8465-01-641-9862
(2) Sustainment Pouches - 12" H x 8.5" W x 4"D (816 cu inches per pair) - OCP 8465-01-641-9858

Multicam - 8465-01-580-1556 PN F198186377
OCP - 8465-01-641-6338 PN F198186389

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