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Tactical Tailor Fight Light MOLLE SAW Ammo Pouch 500D
Mfg: Tactical Tailor
Mfg Part ID: 10006LW

Our Price: $47.95
MSRP: $53.35

Status: Stocked Item


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This pouch will hold a 200 round SAW drum, 150 linked rounds of 7.62 or two .50 cal Barrett 10 round magazines. The SAW Pouch is made from 1000 denierCordura nylon and lined with plastic reinforcement to provideextra security of a heavy load. This pouch can be attached toalmost any piece of tactical gear using our MALICE clips (2 come with pouch).

Measures 8.5" x 7.5" x 2.5"
Weight: 4.8 ozs.

8465-01-551-2451 - no color specification

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