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Eagle Industries Tactical Assault Sling TAS-3
Mfg: Eagle Industries
Mfg Part ID: TAS-3

Our Price:$57.95
On Sale! $49.00
MSRP: $62.41

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This is the sling only and not the same as the complete TAS-3-UMKASS kit with complete mounting hardware kit.

The Eagle tactical sling can be carried in an assault position, then with an easy "one-thumb release", be shouldering your weapon! It also may be slung over your back for "hands-free" carry.

• Quick connect and disconnect buckle with elastic strap
• Designed to be carried in an assault position
• Easy "one-thumb release" to shouldering your weapon
• Anti-noise features
• Slings over back for a "hands-free" carry
• Fully adjustable
• Quick disconnect from weapon
• Designed to fit M4, CAR15/CSG

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